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Transforming your life through compassionate care.

Meet The Team

Jessica Alfred, LPC

Anxiety • Identity Exploration • Grief

• Stress Management • Trauma

Coach Bernadette

Health • Wealth • Relationship Concerns • Career • Personal Success

Rakema Booker-Ward, LPC

Self-esteem • Friendships • Stress

• Depression • Life Transitions

Shaheen Bronkowski, LPC

Sport Performance • Anxiety • Depression • Life transitions and Adjustments

Darryl Clayton, LSW

Anxiety • Trauma • Life Transitions & Adjustments • Relationships • Conflict Resolution • Goal Setting

Latoya Dameron, MA, M.ED, QMHP

Anxiety • Depression • Trauma

Dr. Lynetta Davis, LPC

Trauma • Substance Abuse & Addiction • Grief & Loss • Codependency • Relationships

Kyerra Henderson, LSW

Anxiety • Depression • Childhood Trauma • Relationships • Self Esteem

• Stress Management

Kiara Poole, LPC

Anxiety • Depression • Life Transitions • Relationships • Self-esteem • Stress Management

Dominique Russell, LPC

Christian Counseling • Relationships • Strengths-Based • Boundary Setting

Are you feeling overwhelmed, carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Experience the transformation that online counseling services powered by mindfulness, restoration, & self-empowerment can bring. With Graceful Growth, you gain access to exceptional licensed online therapists dedicated to partnering with you to nurture and heal your well-being.

It’s time to be honest.

Are worries, stress, and daunting responsibilities taking a toll on your mental health?

you’re not alone.

You know you should address these feelings, but finding time for yourself, let alone therapy feels impossible with your packed schedule.

Left unchecked, these stressors can lead to burnout, affecting not just your professional life but your personal relationships and overall quality of life. You might feel stuck, believing there's no solution tailored to fit into your busy life while understanding the complexities of your experiences. But that’s not true.

Therapy for women

who want to prioritize themselves and reclaim their joy.

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No matter what you’re battling:

Anxiety Depression  Domestic Violence  Sexual Violence

PTSD  Survivors Guilt  Trauma

Our licensed therapists are available through a convenient online portal, ready to provide the understanding and expertise you need on your own schedule.


With restoration, it's about creating balance, healing from within, and regaining the strength that daily stressors may have chipped away. It's giving yourself permission to pause and mend so you can reclaim your joy.


By embracing mindfulness, you anchor yourself in the present moment, quieting the noise of relentless anxieties and pressures.


Once you’ve given yourself the permission you need, you’ll learn how to continuously empower yourself to set boundaries, advocate, and quiet the noise of any situation happening around you.  

Your path to reclaiming joy begins here.

Imagine a life where you possess the power to overcome obstacles, make clear-minded decisions, and rise above challenges with grace.

it's possible.


Our Process:


Complete the online inquiry form


Be on the lookout for welcome email


Login into portal to sign consent forms and upload identification card


Request your appointment

Our Founder

Tiffany M. Stevens, LCPC

At the heart of Graceful Growth Counseling lies Tiffany's unwavering commitment to helping clients and clinicians discover what's possible and equipping them with the tools to live with an open, abundant mindset.

As a leader, Tiffany assembles a passionate and talented team of counselors who share her vision of growth and self-discovery. Together, they have touched the lives of countless people, guiding them toward unlocking their true potential and helping them step into the lives they deserve.

Tiffany is deeply passionate about mental wellness, success, and entrepreneurship. She is dedicated to helping other therapists leverage their knowledge, skillset, and gifts to transform their lives and the lives of all their clients.

    1. Individual Counseling

    2. Christian Counseling

    3. Couples Counseling

    4. Family Counseling

  • $150.00 Individual Counseling & Christian Counseling

    $200.00 Couples Counseling and Family Counseling

  • All major credit cards, Loveland Foundation Vouchers, HSA, and FSA

  • Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, BCBSIL, Optum, United Healthcare

  • Yes

  • Virtual

  • All of our therapists are licensed in Illinois and can only provide services to Illinois residents.

Frequently Asked


Are you ready to take back control of your life?

Together we’ll work to equip you with the tools and confidence to take charge of your mental health, prioritize yourself, and reclaim your joy.

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